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PRLXY is the Brand name of designer Pieralexy. Based in Paris, Graphic Designer & A.D. since 2000, he has gone through different kind of projects for the last 10 years such as tv branding, packaging, advertising, product design & interior architecture. He also deals with creative still life photography for ad campaigns or packaging artworks. During those years, in order to be able and realize all projects respecting high quality and time limit, Pieralexy has selected a team of skillfull and talented people to work together with him. High end CGI rendering, 3D mock up, illustration, photography are all used to give existing and new customers total satisfaction. Keeping on looking for new projects & opportunities, feel free to contact us if you whish and consider the possibility of a collaboration from now on or in the future.


With thousands of pictures and illustrations created during the last 15 years, PRLXY has a very strong expertise in graphic design and print media.


Our team creates packaging for cosmetic, medical and music industries. Sketching to 3D mock-up and CGI realistic renderings is part of our skills.


All pictures are under copyright © 2014 Pieralexy. In case of interest for using any pictures or works from this site, please contact us for a previous agreement.